These Can Be The Factors That Damage Your AC After It’s Got Cleaned

Decreasing the quality of the compressor as an AC heart, such as being weak or even dead, also affects the release of air that is no longer cold. The compressor has a function to pump or part of the circulation of Freon to all parts of the installation pipe from the condenser to the evaporator to return to the compressor. Therefore if the compressor has a weak or dead performance, cold air is not automatically generated. Checking this compressor can be done by observing the outdoor. Vibration produced outdoors when the die compressor is finer because the vibration is only produced by a blower fan, not accompanied by a vibration of the compressor. In the meantime, call the best aircon servicing singapore when there’s a serious problem with your AC.

In addition, another possibility is not cold air conditioning is the blockage of the AC drainage that arises because of the presence of mucus and dirt that is missed to be cleaned. There are times when all the dirt that floats with water does not all come out of the drain hose but instead accumulates in that section. The solution needed to overcome this is to spray the hose or drain so that dirt and mucus are pushed along with the flow of water and do not leave any residual clogging.

In addition to the solutions expressed on each point, AC repairs can be done by adjusting the results of measuring pressure, current and temperature. For example, if you use AC ½ PK1,8A then when measuring the current that occurs 1.6A, it can be possible that the condition of the AC is still good and cold so there is no need to add Freon. Another case if the current generated between 1.3A to 1.4A can be ascertained if the AC is less cold.

Then if the current that occurs is far below normal. Then the next step that must be taken is the measurement of pressure or psi. Normal and healthy air conditioners have a PSI level or pressure between 60 and 80 psi. Whereas if the AC has a pressure at a level of less than 60 psi then there is a high chance that a Freon leak has occurred.

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