Knowing How Alarm With GSM Works For Your Security

The importance of House Alarms Dublin installation seems like the reasons why some homeowners choose the certain type of alarm system read more . If you aren’t familiar with the GSM alarm, then you can read this. The way a home alarm works using GSM at a glance is similar to how a car alarm works. Where when we leave the car we press the button to activate the alarm on the remote, and when we want to enter the car we press the button to turn off the alarm on the remote. If we open the car door without turning off the alarm first, then the car siren will sound, this is meant if there is a thief prying the door then the siren will ring. Likewise, with home alarms, there are two main alarm statuses, namely an active alarm and an inactive alarm. If we leave the house, we can activate the home alarm, and if we want to enter the house, the alarm is deactivated first. To activate the alarm and deactivate the alarm can use the remote that is available or if for example we have gone far and forget to activate the alarm, then to activate the alarm can be via SMS.

When the home alarm system is active, then if there are thieves who enter through one of the doors or windows that we install the sensor, then the sensor will send a signal to the main panel or host that there has been an intruder or interference, then the host will automatically turn on the siren (can be set up not to be turned on siren), after that the host will send an SMS to the GSM number of the homeowner who has been set up before which the contents provide information that there is a disturbance or there is a thief entering through a certain door. If the thief enters not through the door, it can also be known through other sensors such as PIR sensors (motion sensors) that we install in certain locations, where if there is movement in the house, even though the house should be empty then the PIR sensor will signal the host that a disturbance has occurred, and the automatic host will also turn on the alarm and send an SMS to the homeowner.

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