Do These Two Things When Drowsy During Driving

Driving is not an easy job and even you must maintain your health while driving a vehicle. There are many people who end up doing DOT physical before getting a driving license to prevent various unwanted things. Health checks before driving are actually very important to do to prevent various unwanted things from happening DOT physical.

One of the problems with driving that often arises is drowsiness. This problem is clearly experienced by many people. There are some tips that you can do to overcome sleepiness while driving.

1. Stop the car on the shoulder of the road and take a short walk
Look for activities that require movement in several parts of the body so you don’t feel sleepy. There is no harm in stopping your car for a while and walking around the car so that drowsiness is lost. In this way, you can also get fresh air and not be late because it’s too long in the car.

2. Stretch
While sitting in a car, you can stretch like stretching your legs, arms and neck. Gymnastics or stretching certainly can not only be done while standing. Even with a sitting position, you can stretch correctly. This will make your body’s muscles more relaxed and not stiff so that there is no body part that will feel pain. Make sure you stretch properly and slowly.

The two ways above are proven to be able to eliminate the sleepiness you feel when driving. However, make sure your health is good enough while driving so that no problems occur to you. While driving, concentration and focus are things you must do, so try to make yourself always focus and be careful while traveling with any type of vehicle.

You can also take a health test before getting a driving license so that your trip is safer.

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